Why America did not name in honour of Columbus?

To answer a question why America has not been named in honour of Columbus, it is necessary to understand, why it has been named in honour of someone another. Columbus as you know, has gone on searches of the western way to Asia. He thought that it has found it. Actually it has simply opened islands San Salvadors, Cuba and Haiti. It is not necessary to underestimate value of its opening, it is necessary to give to due its courage, – but results of its expedition were estimated by its contemporaries ambiguously.

As it did not manage to reach India, round its travel many doubts began to appear. Governors of Spain and Portugal have asked a question: «What earths were opened by Columbus?» Other question from here proceeded: «to Whom they will belong – Spain or Portugal?» Have sent Amerigo Vespucci to establish true. In the notes Vespucci has described two expeditions which it has undertaken along coast of the modern South America. In the description of these earths he marks:« That we saw, – continent ». Differently, Amerigo Vespucci knew that these earths were not a part of Asia, and it was the new continent.

In 1507 geographer Martin Valdsemjuller has let out a card of new continent. Together with it it has published article in which he suggests to name the earth in honour of its opener America. The public has gradually accepted this name. It began to be used and for the name of the North America. But we should remember that Valdsemjuller has suggested to name the earth America in honour Amerigo Vespucci only because Vespucci has proved existence of new continent.

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